Thursday, 22 July 2010

Description of Torture

Overactive stray cat needing a moving plaything proceeds to pounce on living cockroach who runs off trying to escape the cat-claws. Cat chases after cockroach, pounces on it again, but not quite enough to end its misery, flips it over and watches in fascination as cockroach somehow maneuvers itself back onto its legs in order to run a meagre few metres before the above repeats itself all over again. Countless number of times. This torturous game lasted at least a good half hour whilst I happened to be sitting at the void deck of a residential block during this period of time. I watched this scene with a mixture of disgust and fascination. Never in my life have I felt more pity for a cockroach.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ant Hunt

There's a resident ant family in my kitchen. Every time we find their homebase and try to eliminate them, they just find their way to another hideout. It is quite frustrating for mum and I as a single crumb left unattended for a few hours on the floor or the counter top would be found by these diligent six-legged insects and soon an army trail will emerge. Most days we only can find the trail, but not the exact location where they emerge from. And these ants are pretty smart, after once or twice, those 'ant poison' insecticide feed don't work on them any more. And we have also found that somehow rainy weather motivates them to move house even more. The hunt is getting tiring for me, but cleaning up after the army trail is even more so. So anyone has any suggestions on how to rid the ants without bringing pest busters?