Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup Fever

This post is already late as World Cup is already done with the group stage and into the Round of 16. It has been EXCITING, to say the least. I'm not much of an avid soccer fan usually. I don't follow the English or Italian league, most years I rather just watch Wimbledon or NBA. But every four years, when the World Cup rolls around, I find myself following the scores in excitement, on the edge of my seat watching matches online, and waking up at unearthly hours of the morning to catch the semis and finals. It's lovely to see football being shown at every coffeeshop in the neighbourhood. In World Cup, the drama of sport, and level and quality of play is just fantastic. If only every soccer match could be as riveting.

A note to English fans: Sorry about the thrashing the Deutschen gave to them. If it is of any comfort, Germany's next match with Argentina should be a real fight. Whether the Europeans or South Americans would win is anybody's guess.

Friday, 11 June 2010


这次的旅游我领悟到自己其实是多么喜欢‘归属感’。我虽然不能说得上是个“world traveller”,但我也去过不少个国家。但除了新加坡和圣弗朗西期以外,我其实没办法想象自己还会喜欢长久居住在什么地方。直到这次去台湾。台湾给我的感觉就是西方的 BayArea。真棒!可能因为这两个地方都靠着太平洋吧。其实旅行之前我没抱着什么期望说台湾会是个怎样怎样的地方。去了才发现台湾给与我一种回到家的感觉,让我很怀念住在 BayArea 的那段时间。很舒服,而我也没料到,所以非常喜欢。