Sunday, 26 December 2010

Byebye 2010, Hello 2011

I remember starting year 2010 thinking that this year was one of those in the mysterious distant future that would never arrive. To think it will soon pass and be left behind in history. If 2009 was the year of change, then 2010 was a year of firsts. There seems to be many uncertainties heading into 2011, but one can only try to be positive, pray and hope for the best. And now, to enjoy the rest of whatever is left of the year.

Sunday, 19 December 2010


Lately I've been rereading a memoir entitled Lost in Translation: Life in a New Language by Eva Hoffman.  There is a passage within about piano playing which I found deeply moving, and would like to share its prose with everyone: 

"  Although she never raises her voice, and is unfailingly kind, Pani Witeszczak exercises great authority over me. She is the first in a sequence of music teachers to whom I owe the closest thing I get to a moral education. In this intimate, one-to-one apprenticeship -- an apprenticeship mediated through the objective correlative of music -- they teach me something about the motions and the conduct of my inner life. When Pani Witeszczak attempts to convey to me what tone to use in a Bach invention, or the precise inflection of a theme in a mazurka, she is trying, indirectly, to teach me the language of emotions. "Music is a kind of eloquence," she tells me. "Ask yourself what it says here. See? This is like someone pleading. And here is someone is getting angry, and more and more angry, and trying to persuade somebody else, who is not listening." 
   It is that speech that Pani Witeszczak tries -- by cajoling, by explaining, by guiding my hand -- to tease out of me. Like all teachers in Poland at that time, she emphasizes the importance of tone, and I soon find out why: tone, I discover, is something about which I cannot lie. If I do not feel the kindling of a fire as I play, my tone betrays me by its coldness; if I do not feel the capricious lightheartedness of a scherzo, my tone turns wooden in spite of my best attempts to feign playfulness. By some inexplicable process, the precise nuance of what I feel is conveyed through my arm to my fingertips, and then, through those fingertips, to the piano keys, which register with equal precision the slightest swerve of touch and pressure. I gradually learn, though, that expressing this musical speech involves a paradox. For if the spirit is to flow into the keys through the conduit of my arm and hand, it has to move in the other direction as well -- from the keys info my arm and soul. Pani Witeszczak's ideal is to make the music sound as if it were playing itself. It is to that end that one has to relax, relax as much as possible -- relax one's arm and one's self, so that one can become the medium through which the music flows as naturally as melting snow in the spring. "Relax," she keeps saying. "All you have to do is let the music be itself." But there is a further twist of the paradox -- for such freedom, such receptivity can be achieved only through the rigor of controlled technique, if I don't ahve to worry about just how I'll execute the next passage, and whether I can manage a jump or a trill. One's fingers can become boneless conduits only if they've been made very strong first. Music may express the deepest truths, but it expresses them through a material medium, and in order to say what I want, I need to bend the physical medium of my arms and fingers to my will. To that end, Pani Witeszczak insists on the virtues of strict, daily discipline. 
Music -- philosophers have known its dangers -- inspires me with such grandeur that I think I know what inspiration is about. As I progress to pieces by Mozart or Chopin or Beethoven, I begin to feel in possession of enormous, oceanic passions -- anger and love and joy and grief that surpass merely being angry, or happy, or sad. ... I understand all emotions, no matter how raging or large. If I can express the passions contained within a Beethoven sonata or the Chopin Berceuse, then I know everything about being human. Music is a wholly adequate language of the self -- my self, everyone's self."


Sunday, 21 November 2010

Too Short

When was the last time you felt that a day was too short? For some, every weekend day probably feels that way. For me, today somehow felt especially so. For those truly living life with zest, everyday would be too short. So cherish each day you have. 24 hours is, too short.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hebe田馥甄 - 寂寞寂寞就好


還是原來那個我 不過流掉幾公升淚所以變瘦
對著鏡子我承諾 遲早我會還這張臉一堆笑容
不算什麼 愛錯就愛錯
早點認錯 早一點解脫

我寂寞寂寞就好 這時候誰都別來安慰擁抱
就讓我一個人去 痛到 受不了 想到 快瘋掉
我寂寞寂寞就好 你真的不用來我回憶裡微笑
我就不相信我會 笨到 忘不了 賴著 不放掉
人本來就寂寞的 借來的都該還掉

還是原來那個你 是我自己做夢你有改變什麼
再多的愛也沒用 每個人有每個人的業障因果
會有什麼 什麼都沒有
早點看破 才看的見以後

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Description of Torture

Overactive stray cat needing a moving plaything proceeds to pounce on living cockroach who runs off trying to escape the cat-claws. Cat chases after cockroach, pounces on it again, but not quite enough to end its misery, flips it over and watches in fascination as cockroach somehow maneuvers itself back onto its legs in order to run a meagre few metres before the above repeats itself all over again. Countless number of times. This torturous game lasted at least a good half hour whilst I happened to be sitting at the void deck of a residential block during this period of time. I watched this scene with a mixture of disgust and fascination. Never in my life have I felt more pity for a cockroach.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ant Hunt

There's a resident ant family in my kitchen. Every time we find their homebase and try to eliminate them, they just find their way to another hideout. It is quite frustrating for mum and I as a single crumb left unattended for a few hours on the floor or the counter top would be found by these diligent six-legged insects and soon an army trail will emerge. Most days we only can find the trail, but not the exact location where they emerge from. And these ants are pretty smart, after once or twice, those 'ant poison' insecticide feed don't work on them any more. And we have also found that somehow rainy weather motivates them to move house even more. The hunt is getting tiring for me, but cleaning up after the army trail is even more so. So anyone has any suggestions on how to rid the ants without bringing pest busters?

Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup Fever

This post is already late as World Cup is already done with the group stage and into the Round of 16. It has been EXCITING, to say the least. I'm not much of an avid soccer fan usually. I don't follow the English or Italian league, most years I rather just watch Wimbledon or NBA. But every four years, when the World Cup rolls around, I find myself following the scores in excitement, on the edge of my seat watching matches online, and waking up at unearthly hours of the morning to catch the semis and finals. It's lovely to see football being shown at every coffeeshop in the neighbourhood. In World Cup, the drama of sport, and level and quality of play is just fantastic. If only every soccer match could be as riveting.

A note to English fans: Sorry about the thrashing the Deutschen gave to them. If it is of any comfort, Germany's next match with Argentina should be a real fight. Whether the Europeans or South Americans would win is anybody's guess.

Friday, 11 June 2010


这次的旅游我领悟到自己其实是多么喜欢‘归属感’。我虽然不能说得上是个“world traveller”,但我也去过不少个国家。但除了新加坡和圣弗朗西期以外,我其实没办法想象自己还会喜欢长久居住在什么地方。直到这次去台湾。台湾给我的感觉就是西方的 BayArea。真棒!可能因为这两个地方都靠着太平洋吧。其实旅行之前我没抱着什么期望说台湾会是个怎样怎样的地方。去了才发现台湾给与我一种回到家的感觉,让我很怀念住在 BayArea 的那段时间。很舒服,而我也没料到,所以非常喜欢。

Friday, 7 May 2010



Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Going Down?

I happen to live on the top floor of my tower block. Today, I was taking the lift up as usual to the level where my apartment is, and upon reaching the level the lift doors opened to a stranger lady carrying a box of what looked like wine bottles (rather irrelevant to the story but anyway). As I stepped out of the lift she glanced at me and asked, "Is this lift going down?"
"Yep it is" I mumbled. Then she walked into the lift and the doors closed behind me.
Right at this moment I burst out laughing, both at her and myself too, for which other way could the lift been going? Up? Sideways? :-D

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

S.H.E & Jay

Another interesting collaboration.

S.H.E – 安靜了

This song's been around awhile now... nonetheless, still a good spin on one of my Jay Chou favs. 
By the way, Jay's new album The New Era (跨時代) coming out soon! (Date of Release : May 14, 2010)


卻成了 單人結婚進行曲
愛我還是愛你 你選擇了自己

撒 嬌的 可愛的 黏人的 愛哭的 照片裡 曾經的都是你喜歡的
如今我還在原地 你卻走回你的記憶

你說我愛你太多 就快要把你淹沒
你 害怕幸福短暫一秒就崩落
分開是一種解脫 讓你好好的想過
我想要的那片天空 你是不是能夠給我

你說我給你太多 卻不能給我什麼
分不清激情 承諾 永恆或迷惑
愛情是一道傷口 我們各自苦痛
沉默是我最後溫柔 是因為我太愛你

只 剩下鋼琴陪我站在這裡
夢想中屬於我們的婚禮 安靜了 在我枕邊的夢裡
愛不是1加1 努力就有結局

撒 嬌的 可愛的 黏人的 愛哭的 照片裡 曾經的都是愛著你的
臉頰的淚還溫熱 卻沒有人握我的手

你說我愛你太多 就快要把你淹沒
你 害怕幸福短暫一秒就崩落
分開是一種解脫 讓你好好的想過
我想要的那片天空 你是不是能夠給我

你說我給你太多 卻不能給我什麼
分不清激情 承諾 永恆或迷惑
愛情是一道傷口 我們各自苦痛
沉默是我最後溫柔 是因為我太愛你

Monday, 3 May 2010


最近看了《就想赖着你》这部台湾连戏剧,不知不觉促使我想到了很多很多东西。其实我本人也蛮惊讶,为何一部偶像剧能给与我那么多的感觉。反省了一段时间后我发觉很有可能跟我目前的生活阶段有关。看了这部戏让我想起了童年时期,事业发展,恋爱幻想,属灵进展,中文学习,等等,一直到今夜的我。时间不应许我一次就把所有一切都记下,但至少它给了我一股很大的推动力,翻新了我多年已在维持的博克。很高兴!今天能和你分享新的 「Musical Noise」,与让我笑嘻嘻的《就想赖着你》: